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Wow these are the most difficult things to write. I’m such an Ogre I mean I’m an onion… errr ummm I have layers yeah that is what I am trying to say.

 I am so many different things to so many different people; I am sometimes not enough and other time too much. I do not believe in can’t and I am a firm believer people need to take more control of their lives and lay less blame on others. Did I mention I am opinionated? I carry my soap box around like a back pack and normally only break it out if I am asked a question. I try not to push my thoughts views or ideas on anyone else… but I was always raised to be careful what you ask for because you never know what it might entail.

 My thoughts and views on life change… sometimes people call that being a scab or wishy washy but honestly if you’re too stubborn to change your views as you learn and grow… well you just cannot learn or grow.

 There is a whole political thing right now… conservative, liberal, tea or coffee (just kidding). Really if I sit back and think about it I am neither. I have firm beliefs in a many many things, but I think conservative extremists are just as crazy as the liberal ones. I may lean more to a conservative nature with my core values but I probably have the most open mind as anyone you will ever meet. I think people are just people and we should love them all the same.

 I am a guy’s guy… I drink beer… I scratch… I burp… but only when appropriate lol I love football! GO BROWNS!!!! I also have an interest in cycling.

 I consider myself to be balanced to a scary point, in movies, music, food, life, friends, you name it.

 My favorite movies include scar face and the shawshank redemption, to Pride & Prejudice and under the Tuscan sun. I love the silly romantic comedies or chick flicks as guys like to call them. I get a lot of crap for watching them but in my defense I would rather watch a movie that make me laugh and makes me walk away with a feeling of love in my heart than a movie where I am mad when it is over and I want to punch someone in the face.

 I know a lot about food and weight loss exercise and the body… but knowing and doing are two different things so in this blog I will explore my fight with trying to lose weight but having fun failing at it.

 I have completed many accomplishments in my life my children being my greatest accomplishment but then I would have to rank a cycling journey I made in April of 2011 I rode a bike with a friend of mine from from New Bern NC to Winter Garden Florida. Over 750 miles of blood sweat and tears. But in the end the adventure made me a better person. I will probably also blog about other cycling adventures I plan on having.


 There is so much more about me that I really do not know what all to say I may in time break up my about me page to different subjects… but for now if you have made it this far I think you deserve a break… enjoy the blog and share it with your friends, I hope I can make you laugh at me as much as I laugh at myself.

 Smile… if you can not laugh at yourself you really don’t have the right to laugh at anyone else.


 *Note…. My spelling and grammar are truly truly terrible… so please just ignore the errors you find it’s the flaws in life that make us real and different.