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We are all searching for answers… I do not care who you are or where you are from, how much money you have or how content with your life you think you are, we are all searching for answers. Sometimes I feel like it is in us pre-programmed by God, or by pond slime, maybe even our monkey DNA still looking for that perfect banana. But whatever your belief or disbelief is we are all still looking…


  In our search we listen to music and watch TV or movies, we drink, smoke, eat, practice, push, fight, love, hate, kill, destroy, build, fix, and create new problems in our search for the answers to the questions. Searching for the answer… but if we stop and ask ourselves what exactly are the questions half of the time we won’t even know. Sometimes there are specific things we think we want until we get them then we find they are not as cool as they were when we romanticized them in our head. We think if we could change that one thing… that all the other pieces will fall into place and we will be content… I’m sorry to say there is nothing in this world outside of ourselves that will make us content. We want to change the things around us and say if I could just stop this, or have this job, make this much more money, get that new car, find that one girl, get that cute guy, make that good grade… we are too short sighted for our own good… what we fail to see is that the new job has new and different, maybe even more responsibilities… more money always brings more tax, and we always spend it and wonder where it went so shortly we are again wishing to make more… the new car as shiny as it is now comes with debt, and higher insurance, and is not so new after a time and becomes neglected just like the rest until soon when it is not so new anymore you are left trying to figure out how to make the payment, wishing you had more money, and again wanting a new car… so there is a “girl” you want, that perfect girl, who has her own life and does not revolve around you and expects things from you and needs your time and oh wait, you mean it was not like in your head when she only came out of the “closet” to do your bidding and the disappeared until you needed her again? You mean she thinks and acts for herself and has needs that might not be just like yours… and then there is that cute guy, brilliant white toothed smile makes you weak in the knees. You do not notice the mark left by his wedding band that was removed when he left the house, you do not notice he marks on his knuckles from his temper, and you do not see the pain that follows behind him, you were blinded by a smile, now it is to late… you pray at night looking at your school books wishing for that good grade, why do you even need to know how many atoms are in a cheeseburger, why do I need to know why slavery is wrong, why do I care about what happened and 1782, who the hell knows why a + b = y, what you miss is the lesson of learning and growing, thinking outside of the realm of normal thought and learning new things, what your missing is the lesson of dedication and persistence, and how learning all this stuff will in some time maybe help you get the job, make more money, get that new car and snag that cute guy or girl… or maybe it will just let you find yourself. Maybe it will show you a variety of things you would have never learned on your own, a variety of subjects and disciplines and you find that one thing you’re really good at that you never would have touched because who cares what happened in the past…


  We are all looking in all the wrong places for all the wrong things… says the man who still looks outside of himself to make himself happy… I have no answers, or maybe I do, maybe we all have every answer it is that we are searching for… maybe we are just to chicken shit to look inside ourselves and find it… or maybe we know it and we are too scared to say it out loud because to do so would bring about a change we are scared of.


  Here is a girl who has looked inside herself and found a bunch of answers… I am sure this will lean more toward the female crowd but guys if your honest with yourselves there is a lot for you to learn here to… not only is what she says powerful but the way she gets it across is also amazing. I have become a fan… I hope you enjoyed my muddled thoughts above and the video of an amazing woman below…


  Smile… Life is giving you the answers to your questions everyday… you just have to accept them.

  Here is a link to her own youtube channel…


welcome back scribblers! todays challenge requires you to answer 3 questions. you must choose one of the alternatives.. pick the one that you are more of the time. don’t proceed till you’ve answered the 3 questions.

1) are you happy.. or are you melancholy?

2)are you terse.. or are you wordy?

3) are you a poem person.. or a prose person?

 got your 3 answers? good.. now write something just opposite.

if you are a happy terse poet.. Write some melancholy wordy prose. if you are a melancholy wordy prose person write a happy terse poem. Got it?

   yes, this will take you out of your comfort zone.. but creative writing is about growing.. trying new things. you can do this.

1:  Melancholy

2:  Wordy

3:  Prose



  Ugh so I have to write a happy terse poem….


  Oh this is defiantly going to be a stretch for me, and just because of that I will lay it on thick!


   All natural…


  Sunshine warming…

  Butterflies swarming…

  Soft breeze enveloping you…


  Spring time blooming…

  Lovers swooning…

  Kisses soft and new…


  A new day dawns…

  Giving birth to fawns…

  Mother Nature at her best…


  New Love spawns…

  A child yawns…

  As he lays down to rest.


    Yeah yeah I know… it has no real point except being happy but I pushed through lol

Poetry & Time

Well I belong to a few different groups one of them happens to be a writers forum… it’s an interesting enough place although lacking in a few areas. So I have yet had the time to upload all of the pictures from my weekend of Art Walks and hand shaking… also to include a movie premier which was my first and probably my last lol…

 So because of my lack of time and my issues with the writers forum that I wont air out here, I have decided to post a poem I wrote a few years ago. I ask you a few things… be honest but not mean… I do not want a pat on the head telling my what a good little poem I wrote, but I really just want to share with you guys.  So here is my daily post today… and I hope a few pictures tonight because I missed yesterday… I hope you folks are having a great weekend and remember…

  Smile… if you can not complete this simple action when times are bad, how could you  be counted on for the big things. 

The Star…

Moonlight surrounds me as I breathe in the stars this night
Evening dew settles on my skin as I am afraid to move
Droplets whispering to me telling me the secrets of heaven

I stand transfixed, drawn to a distant point, a place among the stars
I can not see it nor have I been there but my heart feels as if it knows the way
I stand spellbound in a dreamy state as I am afraid to close my eyes

Time passes and I have seen a million shooting stars
Each time gone before my mind can register their existence
Each time only leaving a ghostlike impression in my mind

But the one star I seek, though I can not see it, I know it is there

I can feel it calling to me… pulling me

and I am scared to look away

Keeping my eyes fixated on the heavens I feel as if the cosmos is mine
I am the lion among the stars, the king of this jungle
A warrior in my own mind, and yet… I am scared to look away

Soft droplets of dew fall on me

Gently kissing my skin…

 They are tears cried by stars long gone
as they land they turn to ice on my skin
a frost that covers my eternal soul
even with frosted eyes I never look away

Brilliant blinding light starting as a pin point growing as vast as an ocean
Bringing the fire of life as it heats my body untill the frost just melts away
Basking in its glory I stand as naked as my soul, without protection, only trust

The star has come full circle
Bringing life to a dark cold place

A phoenix bursting forth in the night

to my knees I fall as I bask in the glory of the prize

A soul laid bare before its maker

Searching for answers and finding them
I am now home
I am now happy
I am finally free