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Yeah ok who am I to tell anyone the key to life? I’m no prophet or yogi… I’m not a learned scholar… heck I still rely on spell check for grammar and spelling issues way too often, and I still get it wrong… But I digress. I really should get this all out before I lose my thought…



An easy Google search tells me that a Key by definition is:


a. A notched and grooved, usually metal implement that is turned to open or close a lock.

b. A similar device used for opening or winding: the key of a clock; a can that has a key attached.

2. A means of access, control, or possession.

a. A vital, crucial element.

b. A set of answers to a test.

c. A table, gloss, or cipher for decoding or interpreting.


And there is more but this serves my purpose


 So as we see… a key, simply put, is a way to gain access to something: access to knowledge, access to a place, access to time (the key to a clock).


 Getting access to knowledge, places, people, and things… well that is what we do in life, is it not? So the best way to do these things is to live life… by a stretch of my already stretched imagination… to live… to really live is the key of life…



  The picture above looks very foreboding, metal grate fastened over a window with wire running through the glass… perfect for keeping people in or out. With only a small view as the one pictured, it would make you think moving forward was hopeless, but with a step back, (no picture sorry) we can find that the window is attached to a door. The point I want to make there is sometimes we are much too close to a problem we have in life… maybe sometimes we have to take a few steps back and the way will seem much more clear. There are times I feel that we move through life way too fast and we do not slow down to actually enjoy it… so we come up on our problems so quickly we never see them coming, and then we feel so rushed to get through them, we do not take the time to step back and make clear decisions. Maybe one of the keys to life should be to slow down, and do not be afraid to go back from time to time… maybe you missed something you should have seen.



   All of us are human, we may look different and talk different but we are all here for the same basic reason, to live life and learn as we go. We come in different colors, shapes and sizes… it’s a beautiful diversity that makes us as humans a beautiful thing.



   But with that being said… many of us at a glance can seem very alike… but if you look close and take the time to actually see each person for who they are—their likes and dislikes, the things they are passionate about—you will see that even though they may seem to be the same, each person holds the keys to different locks. Each person can bring something different to your life and break open a new part of life you may never knew existed.



  Many people have a clear path and are good with things from birth… others seem to struggle trying to find their place… much like the keys in the picture above, one has been cut and fits a specific lock. The other is still blank, and although it was never cut to go into any one lock, you can see the age on it and know it has lived a long life. People are like that… some are really good at one specific thing; others never really find that one thing they are awesome at. Jack of all trades and master of none… it does not make one better than any other… it simply makes them different.



Everyone wants to know the key to the secrets of life… but I think the memories we make with the people we know and love are the best keys we have. It is a key to a memory of a moment in time where you were happy or sad or whatever emotion you remember… it is a key to a moment in time that you lived. Living… is for this guy… the key to life. Take your keys wherever you go… in the form of memories and remember to make new ones and live for today… tomorrow is never promised to any of us.



   Smile… it might be the only key to unlocking the smile trapped inside someone else.


Wait Staff…

Wait staff …


Ok, so I was out eating dinner this weekend and I had some of the best service I have had in a long time. The place in which I ate was a bit confusing.  I guess the waitress was not the one to take the food order just the drink order and she was only there in part to answer questions. A different person the chef/cook I guess came out and took the order.  I only say that because he never really told us who he was other than his name which I do not remember.  When he brought the food out he dropped it off and turned and walked away. Not waiting to see if it was done properly or not. The whole this was a bit confusing to be honest.


But the waitress was great, extremely helpful and polite, very eager to help us with anything we wanted. Checking on different drinks to make sure the bar could make them then making sure it tasted right because until they looked it up no one had ever heard of it before. She even told us a joke and what made the joke so funny was the fact that she was extremely tickled (yeah I have lived in the South too long) by it and she herself could not stop laughing.


  “What did the stop light say to the car?” Wait for it … Wait for it … “Don’t look I am changing!”


Yes I know you just rolled your eyes, but watching someone else tell it that could not stop giggling made it really funny.


Then we got to the desert portion of the dinner which I almost never get with me trying to lose weight … but I had only eaten one other meal that day with me being so busy, so I had a little extra room on a cal count. I guess the servers here make the desert plates up themselves; she got super excited telling us how pretty she would make it and how good they were. When I ordered it she even clapped her hands and said “yay” and zoomed off like a little kid who gets to make something cool for mom and dad. It was actually fun to watch. And honestly she made the place worth coming back to. I mean the food was not bad … but it was not mind blowing, the salad bar that everyone raved about was well, just ok in my mind … the second person taking our order was a bit confusing at first and the menu was very limited. But after all it was a steak house and I was there for steak so what else would I really want lol. But had I taken my kids I would have been hard pressed leaving there without spending too much.


I think what a lot of managers and people who run places in the food industry have lost sight of over the years is that a server or your wait staff is honestly a touch more important than anyone else in the building. I would even have to say more important than your chef or line cook. I mean honestly, could any amount of good food overcome really bad service? If the server is just rude and sloppy and all things bad the food would have to be out of this world to make up for it … but that is only if that bad server gets the order correct. Managers … well they are the easiest person in the building to replace.  A good manager will know who to hire and who to put where, they will know who does what job the best, and will be able to put aside personal feelings and be able to get the job done. But even a good manager comping your food and not making you pay for anything will not always make up for a crappy server.


But a server … a good server can make up for a long wait, and can pick up the slack with bad management. They can make a not so great meal just a little better with honesty and entertainment value. A good server can help with a crying child, help you decide what you want when you hard pressed to figure it out, and a good server will be friends with the cook, the manager and the bartender.  So if you’re having a really bad visit the server can make sure that in some form or fashion it is made up to you. And normally they are the lowest paid people in the building. I am not sure what it is where you guys are but here most servers get paid is about $2.13 an hour plus tips … and well, not everyone tips accordingly. Now don’t get me wrong, unless the place is really crappy or the server just plain stinks then they do not make out too bad. But there is something else to consider that not a lot of people know.


Business being what it is has found ways of cutting corners and rounding off the edges in a way that optimizes profits in a way that keeps overhead low. In most places head count or your on-the-clock-employee is the largest drain on your money.  So why would you have a dishwasher come in early to help set up whom on the hour makes five or six more dollars an hour than your server?  So a lot of places have servers come in to roll silverware, clean and dust, scrape gum from under tables, fix salads ahead of time, stock salad bars, help with prep work and inventory. All of these things being done at $2.13 an hour.


Now there is just a little more to consider here.  Another way that businesses have decided to cut their costs is to dip into the pockets of the servers.  At the end of the night in a lot of places the server will have to tip out their bartender, bus boy, and host. The business does this with the mindset that all of these people did some work for that customer and are entitled to part of the tip. That is what is said, the truth is that by doing this the company can tell us that as an incentive to pay the bartender normally around three to four dollars an hour. And bus boys and hosts just barely minimum wage. Now this tip out is not a percentage of what the server makes but a percentage of their total sales and bar drinks. Now for the bar they normally only make them tip out a percentage of the bar tab not the total bill. But the others are a flat percent. Some places even make servers pool tips so that at the end of the night everyone gets roughly the same.  Slackers can sit back on their smoke breaks and do little while others hustle and make everyone else the money.


So just a thought, next time you’re out and you’re at a place be aware of how hard your server is working, and understand exactly what they have to deal with too. I know the price of meals can be crazy at times, but servers really look out for people that look out for them.


Smile … you should always smile at the person bringing you your food … I mean really, do you want to take a chance?

Kittens… Boats… Memories…

Just like our 7 day old kitten(s) I was walking around with one eye open and one eye closed today J kind of been dragging butt. It Felt like it was a Monday today, but I was rather productive at work today, getting things planned, putting out potential fires (figuratively speaking).


 Something I have not shared yet is the fact that as of next month I will be a boat owner. I am getting my father’s boat so that this summer my family and I can have a great time on the water. During my father’s recent visit, he voiced that he was thinking of getting rid of his boat because it had been in storage and he had not been using it. So after much thought and family debate we decided to get it. That was a bit of a head ache of its own. Because of the size of the boat it would be considered a wide load, which requires special insurance and permits, I would have to buy a large trailer and borrow a bigger truck because although mine is good just for around here I would not dare attempt pulling something that large over the mountains.

 So in the end we are getting it shipped here and it will be here the first half of next month. I am so excited J we are going to be on the water this year to see the fireworks and are going to be taking a lot of trips to the islands to take pictures of the wild horses. It will be a great time for family bonding and an opportunity to create unforgettable memories.


 This blog is not as emotionally charged as my last, but I needed something a little lighter tonight.

 I hope everyone is having an awesome week!!

 Smile… a mistake made is a chance to learn, and a chance to grow, so smile you never really go backwards if you’re learning something.