I’ll take this opportunity to introduce you to one of the original Scribbles Challenge’s most diabolical inventions.. the “word salad.”

    You’ll be given a list of totally unconnected words and be asked to work them into a story, poem, etc. If you’re really feeling like pushing yourself you can try to do them in the order given.. I always did.. or in reverse order. you can italicize them or put them in color if you wish so we can admire how cleverly you used them.

      Ready? we’ll start with 6 words.. a little later we’ll have as many as 10 or 12. here’s your first six words..

      Yogurt, volunteer, clawhammer, synchronize, Goddess, Canada.

       As usual.. when you’ve posted your answer, copy your address bar and paste it here as a comment so we can all find your work and check it out. Make me proud, Scribblers.. write on!


 Ok folks… this time I will attempt to do this in order but with a twist… in under 4 sentenses…


 Yuck, I hate Yogurt! The Volunteer thought as he swung the claw hammer fixing the window to the pool house. The synchronize swimming team was working out and the Goddess from Canada was their instructor today pushing them hard as she ate that nasty stuff in the sun.


    Haha that was fun… lol Bring on the next challenge