Scribbles and Bits writing Challenge #1

There is this challenge on a conversation site… it’s a place I first started my first blog. Through many growing pains and issues on my end I drifted away from the site. I made many what I would consider life long friends there, people that not only tickled my mind, but touched my heart.

While I was there something was born called a scribbles challenge, it was basically a random challenge once a week that got your mind going and tempted you to write something. I have missed that, so many times I have looked at a blank screen wanting to write something… anything… feeling like there is so much inside me that needs to come out. That weekly challenge gave me a change to be creative and be challenged all at the same time.

The Scribbles challenge has gone through many changes, different people have picked it up and carried the flag at different points and it have been through many reincarnations… currently a great man has it, he called it, “Scribbles and Bits Challenge” I will link his blog at the bottom of this one… currently it is #29 but I am going to start at #1… my plan is to work my way through them and share them as I do them with all of you… please please please if you would like do the challenge with me post your own scribble according to what it is for the week… I will do several a week until I catch up.

So here we go… Scribbles and Bits writing Challenge #1:

“ SO your first Challenge: write a story, poem, essay, memoir.. whatever you like.. that includes the phrase “And that’s when I made my big mistake.” it can be fact or fiction, short or long.. but when you post your answer copy your address bar and paste here as a comment so we can all read what you’ve written. Make me proud and good scribbling! “

No One

Surrounded by doubt… weighed down by guilt… chained down by a life time of self loathing, unsureness, and hate. I stood up and began my day, just like any other day, get out clothes, get in shower, dry off, brush teeth, get dressed, eat, go to work… feeling like an old record with a scratch that kept skipping the same line of the same song over and over and over… until STOMP! You put your foot down and the needle jumps. You never know where it will land and what part of the album it will go to. You only know that it can not keep playing the same line over and over or you will lose your mind.

And that’s when I made my big mistake… I went to work… I quit. Emptied my desk and took everything that was mine… just walked out. No idea where I was going, or what I was doing but I just closed my eyes and jumped… but that was not enough. Rushing to the airport buying a ticket for the first flight out I headed to another place… stepping off that plane I had never felt so scared and so free in my life. No one knew me, no one cared for me, no one expected anything out of me, I was alone and I was no one. As good as it felt, the gravity of what I had done come crashing in over me like a tidal wave, with it all the broken bits of my life crashing into me like debris in the sea waters.


As I woke up my chest hurt, I looked around, and I noticed I was in my bed. My clothes were drenched I had been sweating like I had broken a fever, I looked at my phone and seeing the date and time I knew it was all just a dream… but deep inside a part of me wished it had been real… wished that the sea had taken me because for that small moment I felt more free that I had ever been in my life… for that one moment I was no one.

Ok ok don’t ask I am in an odd mood lol…. but here is a fiction short… and here is the link to the blog I got the challenge from… feel free to do this your self and if you do please let me know so I can read it. Thank you…

Smile… sometimes you have to… just to keep up the front.