Cooking with Gordon


       I bought this book lat last year with the plans on cooking a few things out of it each week starting in January. But with the hectic holiday I had, then the crazy January, I honestly just forgot about it. As I was moving things around in my house trying to make room for things that came from a grandparent that had passed I found the book again, and with it my goals for the book came back.


      OK OK don’t laugh, yes the movie Julie and Julia gave me a bit of inspiration because I truly love most of the work that Ramsay does on TV. I love to watch him go in and turn over complicated menus into simple works of art. But I am no chef or even an aspiring chef.. heck I really can’t even consider myself a foodie or a food snob… there is very little that I do not enjoy, and I love to cook for people with my limited abilities. So with the movie as my inspiration I wanted to try something new. Not just new but I also needed to get more healthy so instead of the butter and lard rich French foods in the movie from their cook book. I sot out and found a healthy living cookbook from my favorite person.


      Maybe the idea is played out… maybe I will make a mockery of this food… but maybe I will get a few things right. I will honestly tell you that if I end up doing this all the way through from cover to cover and get 75% of it right than anyone reading this who knows how to boil water will be able to do the same.


      My game plan is to attempt to cook two things a week… I may be able to work in a few more, I might even attempt a few videos and or at very least tons of pictures to show you what I use and how I do it. I will not be nearly as fast as the chefs you see on TV, my kitchen is very plain and I will probably have to buy many things to do this because I doubt I have the tools to take on such a book… but I will do my best and you guys can laugh with me as I make a mess of things.


      Thank you for reading and I hope to have the first thing cooked in a few days… I have yet to decide in what order I will go but once I figure it out I will post a schedule of sorts. Thanks again and enjoy…


Smile… The food cooked and given to you out of love beats any material thing bought with spite…