Moral Compass


A few days ago someone posted on facebook a few questions from a class of hers to get a different prospective or different points of view. Most of these questions were meant to stir potential debate and strong feelings, which judging from most of the responses they did just that. But one in particular got me thinking (don’t laugh it happens from time to time), the question was, “What are some specific moral reasons people may reject the Christian gospel?” I wont go into all the answers and semi debate that was had in her post. But it really got me thinking as I started to read the different answers and seeing the way other thought about morality and it’s infinite platform of good. My answer for me now is just the same as it was for her then, “ Morality is a tough nutt because like beauty it is in the eye of the beholder. what one person views as moral another might not… maybe that is the case. Where as a non Christian sees killing as a moral issue… a non christian could see it as survival of the fittest. A non Christian might reject Christianity for homosexuality stances. For many it is morally wrong to judge or hate someone for a sexual preference, and many Christians do just that… Not sparking debate… just trying to answer your question the best i can” This was for the most part how I responded to her question…


Other people answered her question and much of it I agreed with, but the more I read the more I got to thinking how subjective morals and morality is on one hand but on the other hand how defined it can seem… how set in stone others see it as being. Some morals should never be questioned in some people eyes while others are blown off easily. Then conflict of morals is always a touchy thing… when one moral strikes another and they but heads, which one wins?


Some people use the bible to hold true to all their beliefs… do not lie, do not steal, be good to your parents, don’t make God mad or your going to tread water kinda stuff. But what of other religions and cultures, what of the people who were not raised up in that way? For some it is morally objectionable to eat any form of pork, or beef, while most of you reading this probably consume this in one form or another weekly if not daily. For those that would not touch it because it is dirty or sacred these are their very fibers of their belief system and so many can shrug it off like it is nothing…


In almost every corner of the world it is morally wrong to lie… but we do it almost with out thought, we lie without thought sometimes… even at times doing it because we feel it is the “right” thing to do… but wait morality is suppose to be the right way… so how can the lie be… what a complex web we weave.


Relationships… till death do us part… never let someone hurt you more than once… never let anyone put their hands on you… some countries it is OK for a man to “discipline” his wife much the way someone would a child or an animal. These people were raised this way and is an firm part of their society. Though most of you cringe or get angry if you think of a man back handing his wife for talking out of turn and embarrassing him. So tell me whose morals are OK? I mean can you really impose your belief on someone else? Can you force what you think is good and moral on another person if they reject it? What about a wandering eye or a wandering heart? Cheating on a spouse or a boy/girl friend instead of leaving. Most people bristle at the thought of such a thing, quick to cast judgment and return a scow of hatred at such an act… but before your able to do that, is it moral to cast judgment without first knowing details? Or should you forgive and have pity, which moral are we talking about here?


Shakesphere has taught us to thine own self be true… what if the moral of the story is to be good to yourself? What if it hurts other people? Well most would say that is wrong… but what if staying true to others is actually hurting you… hummm what a conundrum…


I think our Moral Compass most of the time just spins and spins like we are in an electromagnetic storm from time to time stopping where we want it to but other times it just goes the opposite way. I think Morals might just be one of the most objectionable things we can have, many of us over our lifetime will have our morals change several times from one thing to another. You will listen to what others teach and what others say and see things from a different view… only to a year later have someone else share something from a different stand point.


I think the most dangerous thing about morals it is gives people the feeling of superiority, makes them feel better than others and look down on them. At that point they are less than you and morally you can do anything because it does not matter. I think that happened with the slaves, I think it happened with women, I think it is happening now with people who are gay or lesbian. We look at “our” values and “we” decided for ourselves what rights other people should or should not have based on our own moral compass and by doing so we disregard what the other people or nation wants or believes because it does not coincide with what we “believe” to be true. And then we become superior to that other person or group because of course we know we are right and they are wrong.


Time has shown us a few things… in our history as humans the Morals compasses have always drifted… the books we call holy books the things we hold so sacred have been of little use in the eyes of the slaves and native Americans… the witches in Salem who used herbs to heal people, things we buy at walmart now in pill form were put to death and burned because of the “idea” that they were moral creatures. Which is more immoral? Using odd methods to heal, or killing? We have wiped out complete civilizations in the name of “gods” which have give people the feelings of doing something moral and good… but was it? Where is it OK for your morals to take the life of mine?


I can not say what brought all of this on honestly, only that I tend to think and over think things we take everyday as normal living. I know what I feel to be right and wrong is different than so many others… I know that my heart is so much different than many other peoples… some of us have holes in past that a life time of good deeds can never fill them… Morality in all of it’s forms is a great tool when used for good… but sometimes when your doing the greatest good stop and think to make sure you are not doing the greatest harm to someone else… and then maybe find the balance in between the two.



Smile… remember the person you judged just might be praying at that moment that your eyes are open to a truth your not ready for…



None of this was directed at anyone group nor is it meant to bash anyone… it is just me purging a mind that is way way to full of junk… and when your life is too full we all know the first thing to go is usually the morals 🙂