Soul Vacation…

This is a phrase that I took from a song but I really like the sound of it… a lot of us talk about needing a break and wanting to relax, but how much more relaxing could you get than to actually have a soul vacation. So that was my plan… taking this day that I did not have to work to get out and just enjoy the day.

I have not blogged in a long time, when I first created my blog I had every intention on blogging at least weekly but honestly life gets in the way. My son was in a car accident, I have been fighting with weight loss and not dieting so much as just fighting with proper eating. Family stuff, home stuff, work stuf… stuff… stuff… stuff… lots of things got in the way. I would say that I will blog much more now but well I cannot promise anything, I will however use this to celebrate… purge… and vent.  But on to why I am here tonight…

Today I decided to relax and I had a plan, I was going to spend some time downtown I was going to ride my bike, I was going to walk the farmers market, drink coffee, see some friends, and even surprise my wife with a cupcake.

Well to start off my morning I got up a lot later than I planned and I spent a good part of the morning by getting attacked by cats’ lol playfully of course. I got up and decided to make some breakfast burritos and I talked with my kids and gave them all kinds of grief like only a good dad could. When I finally left the house my journey started and right off the bat I was tested so I stopped to save a life… yeah you read that right.

you can not see it here but he was pretty small I am suprised I could see him from my truck.

picked him up to get him off the road and wanted to show you how big it was…

As I turned onto my road this little guy was about half a mile from my house in the middle of the road. People always flew up and down my street so I turned around and got him off the road. As you can see he was a little camera shy. But after letting him go on his way I went on mine… for me it was a sign that it was going to be a great day as long as I slowed down and just paid attention and not rushed through the day.

Well I stopped at the bike shop and got my biked looked at and it seems I needed a new intertube so I got that and I was on my way again. While I was there my wife sent me a text asking for some meds because her head was pounding. So I stopped off at the famers market for a few min and talk to my friend the Cupcake Diva she sold out really early today so I missed out, but I was really happy that she sold out. She has needed a spot of good luck.

So from there I go and get the meds and a big old fountain coke for my wife, she loves coke which is ironic because her whole family loves Pepsi and we live in the town that Pepsi was born/created in. But I prefer coke too… I knew I liked her for a reason.  I dropped everything off to her and we talked for a bit.

After that it was back down town, this is the best place around here to me. I love the vibe and the different people you see here. I shot the Cupcake diva a text and let her know I was about to get on my bike and head her direction, she was on a delivery so I sent a message to her hubby.  After drinking down an iced coffee I was on my way.

Stopping to take a few pictures along the way to show you guys my rout and the beautiful but really hot day we had.

  I made it to my friend’s house in ok time… I was greeted but Andre and his princess who brought me the most beautiful thing I could have gotten at that moment… a tall glass of ice water J it was great. I had an awesome visit with them, I always do they are really good people… speaking on that they really put my donations on track for my bike charity bike ride next week. They are truly an amazing family. But like all good things it was time to go I needed to get home myself.

So I take a ride back down town to finish up my cycling for the day. And just like the day started it finished well as I got a sign that said relax… enjoy the surroundings and being on the bridge that is normally the toughest part of my ride, was the most beautiful.

 Now for anyone reading this that might be interested I have a charity bike ride next week, I am riding for MS to help a bunch of great people… so for anyone interested you can check out my MS page here…

I hope you have enjoyed my day… and the photos… take some time for yourself and let your soul go on a vacation… it will make the rest of you feel so much more rested.

Remember… Smile… the sun goes down and leaves behind its beauty just so that you know that the next day shows promise… it’s a preview of what you will see in the morning.