Weight loss and eating properly is a constant struggle, much like any other habit, eating poorly or just eating in general I believe becomes an addiction. I am not talking about the disorder type of addiction where you binge, that is a totally different story. But more just that you’re off work, you’re running late and you have all of these food options and the only thing that sounds good in your head is junk. Whoppers, Big Macs, 5 guys, Andy’s Cheesesteaks, all of these only take a second to order and they taste so good. You work hard all day so why shouldn’t you be able to eat what you want? Why should you struggle with guilt for doing something nice for yourself? STOP IT!!


I bet you were almost agreeing with me, I bet you were almost feeling sorry… because it is an addiction. Let’s redefine “doing something nice for yourself.”  Is feeding a mindset that has made you uncomfortable what you put on your shoes being nice to yourself? What about feeding the thoughts that help you fail and make you feel worse about yourself? Are those things really being nice to yourself? No, I really don’t think so.


So now you’re out… it’s early in the morning and you’re getting your cup of coffee to start your day. Your favorite coffee is surrounded by all these sweet sugary easy to eat doughnuts and muffins, and then the bagels and the cream cheese and all these things are just seconds away. It’s a hard fight… the smell… the pictures… you walk in the door and even if you have already eaten your stomach tells you, “Hey we got some room in here… I am not full… Put more in here…” Think of your stomach like the best player on your sports team, no matter what he wants in the game. No, a bad coach will play him/her until they fall out just to win the moment… but a good coach knows that to keep that player healthy they need to rest, to practice, to do the right things to prevent injury. So why listen to that stomach when it is yelling to be worked? It wants to work no matter what. Sometimes you can be full and it still says hey unbutton your pants we got room for a few more bites. That is the addiction… the need to eat… it’s a tough mindset to be in, it just plain sucks.


No I am not saying not to eat, but don’t give in to the easy, quick methods that society has led us to. We are the now generation… fast food… buffets… heck we even are able to microwave our veggies with the cheese sauce oozing off of it already. Make better choices to be able to make choices longer. Quantity is not quality… if it were well I would be in great shape lol.


Fight the temptation… don’t lie to yourself… do not say, “Hmmm… if I grab two of these donuts it’s ok, I am going to go walk for 30 min after work and it will even out.”  That is a lie… a lot of people do not know that their exercise is making them fat… we over value what we do and then feel good about eating more because we worked out. I mean I walked when I would have been watching TV… that earns me a few donuts right?? HELLL NO!!! Sorry… lol just trying to make a point. Let’s say you walk a moderate pace 3.5 miles an hour and you can walk a mile in about 17 min. so in 30 min you will almost have 2 miles down… wow sounds better and better… I mean walk a mile for a doughnut sounds good to me… no… no… and no again. At 3.5 miles an hour you’re only burning roughly 180 cal. depending on your weight it will be different. At about 150 lbs you burn about 130 cal and at 300 lbs you burn 270 cal.  Your average glazed doughnut is 260 cal. Boston cream about 310 cal. Chocolate cake doughnut a whopping 550 cal. So you’re trying to lose weight… you feel awesome about walking your 30 min and you want to reward yourself and you eat in 2 chocolate doughnuts roughly 5 times what you burned off.  And the thing is you feel great about it and think you’re really doing something. Then you get upset when at the end of the week you weigh yourself and you have gained weight. Imagine if you did this 3 times a week. That is 1100 cal without all the rest of your meals. And that is just 2 small doughnuts.

Exercise is important for a healthy body, but the most important thing for weight loss is watching what you put in your mouth. No listening to your stomach when you know you have eaten properly and it tells you… hey after dinner we will walk to the corner and back to let the food settle you can have one more serving on Mac-n-cheese. Which is made so it tastes good with real milk and butter a small 1 cup serving has 410 cal? One cup is like what 4 spoonfuls? Really? 100 cal a spoon full and that walk to the corner that probably never happened would not touch the 410 cal you put in your mouth. If you actually measure it out and only get a cup full… cause we all know that a heaping serving spoon full is about a cup right?? Oh and you have to go back in to get the few pieces that fall off which ends up being another half a serving spoon full.


Look I said all of this because I go through this every day… ok no that is wrong… I go through this every second of everyday. I got my coffee this morning, large ice coffee, black, with a turbo shot. I know there are no cal there… so why not have the hash rounds?  Which are 200 cal. Because I really don’t need them. It’s a constant battle all day every day and it sucks.


I guess I am writing this to get it out and to feel better… maybe to make other people know that ok you’re not alone, everyone (almost) who is trying to lose weight is sort of going through the same exact thing.


  Watch what you put in your mouth…. And get a heart rate monitor to help you count cal. It is really the most effective way to know. Even at a higher weight everyone’s fitness level is different. Your heart rate is the best indicator to how many cal you’re burning. Learn to not over value your work out… that super supreme pizza is not a 5 min bike ride and a few laps in a pool… each slice of that beast is 310 cal.


Keep your head up; if you know you’re weak avoid the places that make you feel that way. If your friends and even family don’t get it and don’t help… don’t eat with them. And when they after a month wonder why, (only after commenting on how good you look) point out that they are not good for your eating habits and you only look that good cause you avoided them during feeding time. It’s harsh and it is hard but sometimes you have to surround yourself with people that get it.


  This was long enough and so not what I started out thinking this was going to be lol I hope you enjoyed it.


  Smile… anything that makes you feel good makes you want to move and that will always burn more cal than sitting on the couch with a frown.