Weight loss…    


Well I am getting furry… only 18 days into my beard challenge and so much has happened. I have gone to Ohio, gotten as boat from my father, celebrated mother’s day; all of these things include food. I know what you’re thinking… excuses… excuses… yeah you’re right. But on a good note I did still lose 1 pound this week at my weigh in so at least it is going down.


I have walked a little and still have yet to get on my bike. Something in my knee is giving me fits and running through my front yard like a 7 year old with a kite in my hand did not help at all. But it was so much fun.


There is a bike ride the second weekend of next month, I may attempt to break in my legs there and ride a slow 50 miles. That would be a good start to my challenge I really do need to get moving on the cycling though. I have a long way to go in a short time.


Other than all that life marches on… teenage children are just that… teenage children. They believe their world is going to end one second and then get distracted by something and just like a switch, poof they are better and looking in a different direction.


I have many projects planned that I will be able to share in the near future… putting up a cheap pool, working on a workout space in my garage, putting up a punching bag for those rough days at work, extending my firepit, re-screening my back deck… the list goes on and on. But being outside and moving around are great! Better than sitting!


If anyone has any projects share em with me leave me a comment or something, I will check em out and maybe you will give me an idea or two…



  Smile… it’s better to smile as you leave an elevator you have passed gas in… then to be the person frowning as they enter it only realizing it as the doors close.