Anti-Social network…



  I have taken a bit of a breather from any big social networking stuff and my blog. I guess I needed to step away and disconnect a little bit. Take a breather from all the 000 111 of the internet.


Recently we had a huge vote in our state that involved a hot topic, and our state actually got national attention because of this. I stayed up late to watch as all the votes come in, and as I networked my but off on Facebook and talked to all my like minded family and friends, I argued, fought with, and yelled at those on my “friends” list that did not agree with me. I mean come on we all know I am right and the whole world is wrong unless you happen to agree with what I say… after all I am great in mind… body… soul… ok ok maybe great in body only because of my girth… only great in mind because my mind is a reflection of my friends and other who have taught me many things over my short (or not so short) lifetime… and great in soul because I have been touched so deeply many times by the love and compassion of others. But wait a second… I have been touched by love and compassion but I argued and actually called people a fool and heartless and many many more things for not seeing things just as I did? That is not love and it sure is not compassion… I was yelling at people for not having the same thing I was not giving them. Did I still think I was right? Of course I do… but how exactly can you yell at someone and call them stupid or a bigot and tell them they should love as you do? Hummm…. Kinda makes you think a little… who was the hypocrite there?


I am not making this blog a political platform… I absolutely refuse to do that. My friends, my family, my co-workers, and all the rest of the people I have been blessed with knowing in my life are as diverse as any group you will ever meet. It’s in their diversity that I find my home, because my likes and the things I find passion in are so different that it takes a team no… an army of diversity to keep me occupied. So with that said how can I alienate these people? How can I call someone out and tell them that opinion is wrong? That only mine is right… that they are taking someone else’s freedom away while I am trying to take away theirs?


Does that mean I have to give over and not believe in what I believe? No… but on the other hand in the end you have to agree to disagree. We live in a semi free country where great men and women die for things they believe in all the time. Democracy although skewed at times is the best way to get things across… although it can be bloody and a long and hard road… slavery… women’s rights… things like this did not happen overnight and they did not get reversed overnight. And in many cases still have to fight to keep equal rights.


Social networks have made it so easy to reach out and connect with people all the time… smart phones keep you connectected 24 hours a day. We have been assimilated (star trek reference and yes I am a dork that is another fork in my diverse tree). But with this social net work we have lost our filters and we have lost some of our common sense (here I am again telling people what they do and do not have… lol part of ego I guess… but I can live with that) the filter we have at work to not look over at someone and say, “you’re a complete idiot”. We do not have that on the network… I mean after all they are reading our pages are they not?? And if they publish something that we do not like… well they did make it public so I am free to say whatever I want… as long as I am behind my computer after all in the safety of my own home or internet café. But how dare they come to my post and call me out after all if they do not like what I have to say they do not have to read it… I mean really the nerve. It makes me laugh and I can say all these things because I have used these excuses and at the time I say no flaw in my thinking… I mean after all I am a supreme genius and one of the greatest minds of my time. Only a dolt would not agree…


The anti-social network has taken us from our neighborhood and into the online family we find on the World Wide Web. taken us away from going out to play until the street lights come on to playing on the computer all night until the street lights go out and wondering why we are to tired and function at work and school.


This is not really an anti internet rant… I mean I am posting the blog on the internet and even I being the supreme genius that I am, am not that much of a hypocrite But more or less my own thoughts about myself… the flaws I have seen in me. All of these things if you read this and it hits a nerve just remember they are flaws I see in me and know that you are not alone. We need to step away from ourselves from time to time to check ourselves. To see who we are hurting and who we are loving… and sometimes we can love something to death. I think a lot of ideas die because passion gets in the way of common sense… but who am I… what do I know… well yeah I know I am the supreme genius of my time… at least in my own head… or maybe that is just one of my voices who knows.


If you actually read this to the end and you followed it and understood it I suggest you see a doctor and get medicated as fast as you can… 🙂 happy anti-social networking everyone…


  Smile… maybe if you smile hard enough it will come out in your texts, ims, and emails. 🙂