I have not blogged about this really but I am getting my father’s boat… for me I think it is more than just a boat. It’s going to be part of my dad, no he did not build it, nor did he buy it new, but for me it does not matter. This could effectively be the last summer I have to do a whole lot with my son with his thoughts of the military looming, and a few of my best memories are of being on the lake with my dad.


 As a kid you don’t respect what you’re doing or appreciate it, it is only looking back that you really miss it. And fishing on Lake Erie with my dad was one of those things.


 He has said he would come down and visit us from time to time so I think having the boat here and docked in a slip for easy access it will be great to be able to take him out in it and show him around our waterways here much like he did for me.


 I really don’t know what I wanted this blog to be about, all I know is the boat is getting unloaded today, I will be there to watch then do it and to see it out of the water for the first time. After talking to my family we have decided to re-name the boat… I know what you’re thinking but I have looked into this and the boat has changed owners and there is a little ceremony you can do and it will be fine… other than that I believe I am one of the luckiest people I know. The man who bought the boat new more than 30 years ago named it “Ark & Animals” dad never changed it and just let it stay… I talked to him about that and he has no attachment to that name he just said he never got around to changing it… so I will.


  My Fathers nickname is “Blue” it’s a long story so I will just say that I have decided the boat will now be named:


  Ol’ Blue

  Est. 1949


 Out of respect for the man I got the boat from.


  Thank you for reading this… I appreciate everyone who takes the time and I am glad I am able to share this with you.



  Smile… a memory is a snapshot of the past enjoy them… cherish them… then create some for the loved ones in your life.