Kirby Smith…


  I went down town to check out our local Art Walk the other weekend, it is something we have here in my town several times a year. I had not known there was going to be a movie premier in the middle of town so the art walk was almost absorbed into everything else that was going on. I like the fact that it was more active but the people were different this time it is hard to explain… other than to say that it was not the normal Art Walk crowd.


 Now knowing that the Art Walk is a rather large event for our town and it brings out the best of the best in our area I thought it might be a great chance for me to run into a Mr. oohhh I should say Judge Kirby Smith… I have known this man for a long time. Without going into embarrassing details for a few people I know, lol I will just say that I first met him when I needed a lawyer for a traffic matter. Then later I had known a few other people that have needed him for other more sensitive matters. Each time he treated people like they were friends or family. I had hoped to see him in town that weekend because although he is acting judge at the moment he is also running for the seat. Other than the fact if I need him he will not be able to represent me anymore, I am excited to see him in this position. He has always been such a fair man, never twisting or conniving like the images so many of us have of lawyers and their back room deals over golf games and drinks. But Kirby really knows the law… not how to manipulate it but knows the letter of it. That is so important, as a judge not only will he be able to make sure that justice is carried out, he can make sure it is done fairly. No loop holes or hob knobbing just straight up by the book stuff. I for one am excited to have his kind of personality on the bench.


 Supporting the community is something I believe is very important to him, at the bank of the arts the display was all about local talent from the community college. We talked and marveled over what these students have done, seeming to make art out of pretty much anything.


 He is a local boy through and through, I believe his family ties go back deeper than most of the buildings in the historical district. So you could say it’s kind of a historical local family… but his current family was something I really enjoyed being around. Seeing him with his lovely wife and his children how attentive he was with teaching and learning himself, is just another quality that one likes to see in a Judge.


 The interaction he had with other children was seamless, a calm man in his element around the locals it really was a great thing to watch. Too often people get lost in the “Politics” of keeping the “right” friends they tend to almost forget about other people. But I think that is what speaks so tremendously about him, there are no “right” or “other” people… there are just people. I guess that will go a long way when it comes to him sitting on the bench and having to hear a case… the status of the person will not mean as much as who the person really is. I would go as far to say that having him as judge will be like bringing back a lost art, the art of fair compassion and equality, instead of elbow rubbing deals and favors.


 So normally I do not throw my hat into a political ring, and I won’t talk about things or people I do not know, so I just wanted to take the time to talk about someone I did. I hope you guys enjoy hearing about him. So I have to share this one last picture… great art… good friends… and as you can see beautiful weather.

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  Smile… it shows the warmth in your heart and can spread to everyone who sees it.