Ok I know this is a key topic for a lot of people not just in the US but all over the world. It is something thankfully I did not have to deal with in my school age years but only later in life as I started to slow down. Now many people are very nice to me and say that I do not look big… and their eyes go wide when I tell them how much I really weigh. Then I get that, “But your all muscle…” and do not get me wrong I truly appreciate what they are saying but at the same time I see myself in the mirror every day and let’s face it we are now and always will be our own worse critics…


  Well in an earlier blog I mentioned about my company doing the health and wellness challenge and I talked about wanting to do more than their minimum and stepping it up to do 3x that much. Which means between May 1st and October 1st I will ride my bike (bicycle) 1500 miles and walk 300 miles… this challenge will help me lose the weight I want… but I have decided to step it up a notch.


A friend of mine a few years ago decided he was going to grow out his beard for a full year taking pictures every day. Then make a video of it and post it on you tube for the fun of it. Well what happened for him after that no one could have guessed. He was interviewed by a website overseas, and was chosen to participate in a live action art exhibit in Italy. To top it all off his video which can be seen “here”  has gotten over 1,000,000 hits on YouTube.


  Now I am not expecting fame and glory, but what he did and the transformations he went through in the video gave me an idea… What if starting May 1st I did not shave or cut my hair… until I lost the 55-60 lbs. I need to lose. I took photos close to what he did and make my own video… the exception being that as my beard is there you will not be able to notice the weight loss in my face as well. So when I am finished on the last day and I have kept the weight off for a whole week. I will shave… do a still shot of before and after. And it will be a really cool difference plus make a cool video I think… maybe call it “shaving off the pounds”.


My goal would be to drop the weight by Oct. 1st when the fitness challenge is over at work. It would be a great way to push myself to meet my fitness goal with the challenge as well as lose the weight to get all the fur off my face and be able to cut my hair again which I currently do about every other week.


  So tell me what you think… dumb… creative… crazy… or what?


  Smile… sometimes you have to go a different direction then everyone else to get to the same location.