This weekend my town is having an art walk… I truly love these. Local artists and galleries set up with finger foods and their goods showing off all the amazing talent we have in our community. I went to one of these a few months ago by myself, most everyone else I knew was busy or just was not interested so I got to walk around down town on a cool evening and really enjoyed myself. All the people are walking around doing the same thing and we get so many visitors from so many other areas it is great to talk to them all and hear their stories and have them tell me that the area I live in is such a cool little town.

 New Bern Down Town Info

 When I first came here I came from a bigger place, lots of things to do, big malls big movie theaters, and lots and lots traffic. When I was here at 19 years old I thought how stupid this place was, nothing going on and so quiet, as I have lived here the words of my grandfather have echo in my mind saying,”son, If you live in a quiet place you can always find noise if you want it bad enough. But if you live in noise it is very hard to find quiet when you need it the most.” As time goes on I see the wisdom in those words.

 I have grown to love this place, with its history and class, I truly feel like it is unlike any other place. I havr moved around a lot as a kid, and other than my grandparents place I never truly felt settled. But this town and this area will be for me the place I call home.

  So as a treat for any of you that might actually be reading my drivel… I will take pictures and even take you on a tour of this town of mine. I will show you the charm, the art, and the people that I have grown to love.

 Thank you for reading and as always….

 Smile… Home is a place you feel safe… home is a place where you are comfortable…. Home makes you smile when sometimes you don’t think you can.