Weigh in…

I am on weight watchers, i have been off and on the program many times. I call it a program because that is what it is, it’s not a diet but more of a program that shows you not only how to eat but what to watch out for. Remember the 4 food groups from what we had in health class? Well they step it up a notch and just help you to be more aware of what your eating. I like the program because nothing is off limits… choclate cake… cookies… candy… yup all on the menu… will you lose wieght eating only these things lol nope. They help you to track and learn about the food you eat and how it affects your body. About protion size and excersize. Although i think their system of excersize points lacks in some areas I still think this is the best program out there. No shakes or starving your self… no eating only fatty food but no bread… just normal well ballanced meals with plenty of liquid each day and there you have it. You don’t have to buy their foods and they have an awesome support system.

So today is my weigh in day… i am sooo not lookign forward to this. It’s been a bad week with all the candy and easter dinner plus all the left overs. I know my weight has gone up, but the good thing is i know why. I thought for a moment about not weighing in just so i don’t have to see those numbers. But what good would that do me? I need to be held accountable, and they help you with that too.

So i’m about to go weigh in then come home and cook, this weekend is going to be a challenge with all the family functions i have going on as well as going out to watch a band play. But knowing what those numbers really are will help me to keep myself in check, i just have to keep telling my self i am not doing this for anyone but myself…

Chin up… eyes forward… it’s time to go…


Well I just got back and yeah the numbers were as bad as I thought they would be… but this week I think I will bounce back without a problem I have faith.

But to end this day in a good note I will give you something I promised… beautiful pictures of the kittens…. everyone can not help but smile when they see a new born kitten.

Smile… the great thing about having a bad day is you can go to sleep and start over freash the next day.