“Daddy…. Daddy…“, was what I heard in a whispered voice last night that woke me up in a nice restful sleep. “What? “  I say still half asleep “We have kittens! “ My daughter says in a semi hushed voice but still trying to not wake her mom and no hiding her excitement well.


Somewhere in the wee hours of the night we had 5 kittens. All of them black and grey and they and the momma cat are all doing well. Me on the other hand, I am having a rough time waking up. My morning journey to the local Dunkin Donuts for my large ice coffee with a turbo shot is not going to be as effective today I am afraid. But on the other hand getting to see the excitement in my daughters face as sleepy as she was will be worth it I believe.


I will post pictures in another blog later today I know you want to see them.


I decided that this week even though we are probably going to have frost one last time I would start working on getting my pool ready for the season. I am excited this year because I have a new saltwater system we are going to try. Last year was not a good pool year because the pool looked more a swamp than a pool. We had a ton of issues trying to keep it clear. As well as stuff growing the liner of the pool???? We used a base of more than 6 inches of sand to level the pool off and it still did not help. So I am back to the drawing board with a new salt water system and a new liner this year I fear this is my last attempt before I give up on the whole pool thing. I will post pictures and keep you posted though.


As always thanks for reading and keep your chin up.


Smile… lack of sleep really stinks… but come on kittens can make up for almost anything!