Searching the web for blog spaces and places to make and call your own is a daunting task. On one end you have the cookie cutter places full of ads that slow down your computer to the point it becomes frustrating and it will keep people from wanting to come back. Over to the do it yourself if you’re a super computer genius and fluent in techno lingo and code on the other. After you muddle your way through the search engines to find the blog space that is user friendly enough to suit your needs and your level of computer skill then you then have a new challenge to face. Who will host it and what are the fees? Some places will combine this into an all for one low annual cost… other places want you to believe that you have to use their service to host „your space“ to only then download another „free program“ to use as your blog because they are the best most secure place to host your new address in the world wide web. So if you’re smart enough not to grab the first thing you see out of frustration because you are tired of all the searching and reading and you just want to write. You will then see that the free program is full of ads and the like and is super limited on what you can do with it. Oh but then you find for a fee… the free program expands into get this, a place that will host your blog and become add free.  Are you confused yet?


 Now onto the other questions… How many giga bytes do you need? What to name it… what about security… what about editing… what about… what about…. what about… and you just have to have this option cause all the cool kids have it… all for an anual fee of $$… but if you buy now we can add these great other options and cut the rates for you… but only this one time… you have to be quick the offer runs out in 30 seconds… 29… 28… and your anual total is now only $$$… plus a handling fee… internet tax… sitting in a blue chair tax… admin fee…




  You bite the bullet… close your eyes and like a monkey throwing darts at a dart board to choose stocks you hope for the best. Thump… (The sound of your now empty wallet/pocketbook hitting the floor)


  So here I am… writing to you from a space that will be as ever changing as my moods and views on life and the world around me.


  Topics that touch me… make me mad or sad, laugh and cry… feel free to write me and give me input and maybe ideas ask questions… my only request is that we respect each other with mutual respect comes great insight… I think I read that on a fortune cookie once.



 Smile… life may take you in circles but remember the person beside you is just as dizzy as you are.