I am not an English major nor am I grammar stickler so as a warning if you’re going to read my blog and follow my thoughts… just be pre pared. I will sometimes be in a hurry and not proof read everything 100%, I will at times get it wrong even when I do. What I ask is that you look for the heart and soul of what I am trying to say and not get caught up on a misspelled word or a misplaced comma. Can you imagine what would happen if because of the simple dress of Gondi or the Dalai Lama people ignored their message? ok ok I see you rolling your eyes and yes I am neither of these people by any means but I am just making a point.

 So this is just my breakout blog to get me feet wet to see if I am going to like the word press set up. I hope anyone that reads this has a great day!

  Smile… it can’t hurt you, and it can help heal someone else…